Post office service

All-in-one solution for post companies

Does your company need one Fleet Management and last-mile solution that can connect to all different software and solutions in your corporation? We are here to help you.

As we understand that every company has a different approach to business and its own internal solutions, MDM Fleet Management provides a unique solution that can be customized based on your needs. SaaS or “on-prem”, we do it all.

Complete automatic routing (ARG – Automatic Route Generator), tracking of parcels and drivers. Sending automatic info about parcel status to the recipient. Digital signage, payment on the spot and collecting new packages from the same or different spots. 

Administrators have live communication with couriers all the time. We increase customer satisfaction with a faster and more reliable full digital concept. Save money by saving time, fuel and recourses Save our planet.  Our sustainable development in the last-mile delivery segment.

We provide android solution that can be installed on any android device. Phones, PDA’s, tablets….

Digital signage, payment, proof of delivery (pictures, unique numbers…) But if you need any other solution as well, we can talk about it

Trustcode Solutions

We provide solutions for your fleet and last-mile delivery.


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