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MDM Fleet management is a solution for companies with a fleet and companies that need a last-mile delivery

We provide the best and easiest solution to monitor your fleet, drivers, and deliveries. You get full control, reports and history data about your business in general.

A vehicle tracking system is commonly used by fleet operators for fleet management functions such as fleet tracking, routing, dispatching, on-board information, and security.


Cost saving

Save fuel, and your recourses in general using our system

Speeding up

Speed up your whole process by 45% on avarage

Complete digitalization

Digitize the entire process

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Automatic Route Generator, Vehicle Forecasting and PLS (Proactive Location Suggestion)

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You can track and monitor your fleet in every single moment. Our system gives you full control and decreases your company's costs by around 20%

Yes, it is. Our advantage over others is the android app that resides on the driver's phone. This way you avoid installing GPS chips in your car which can create problems with your new car warranty.


Yes, our system can also track and trace buses. You as a parent can have a user app and see when they will arrive.

As much as you need. We do not have any limitations.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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    We provide solutions for your fleet and last-mile delivery.


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