Automatic routing - Let us show you the way!!!

ARG – Automatic route Generator is the heart of our system. This unique algorithm enables drivers to have the fastest and the most optimized route at every single moment. This system turns data into the delivery

Last-mile deliveries can affect delivery efficiency. Route planning and optimizing strategies can change the whole game.

Here is one of the simple video examples how this works>

What is the Automatic Route Generator

Last-mile delivery optimization is the process of optimizing your delivery operations and customer experience to meet customer expectations. It’s designed to help you build your brand, get more repeat customers, and boost sales. In short, last-mile delivery optimization focuses on improving all aspects of the last step in a product’s journey from manufacturer to consumer.

Even though last-mile deliveries may be small and considered routine, they can take up a lot of time and money. Imagine the hundreds of deliveries made by a large company each day. Businesses with many customers often have to distribute their products to multiple locations across the country.

Businesses need to find ways to optimize their last-mile delivery process to maximize efficiency. Companies look for ways to reduce costs and drive profitable growth in their transportation operations to accomplish this, and this is where Automatic Route Optimization comes into action.

Steps to Optimize Last-mile delivery:

1. Connect to WMS (Warehouse management system) and get inventory status
2. Collect the data
3. Technology implementation
4. Generate the best possible route for the driver
5. Plan and execute
6. Proof of delivery

Ability to monitor and optimize the fleet, delivery efficiency, and customer satisfaction


Automation of many tasks allows the dispatcher to ensure top customer service, incoming orders, and daily metrics.




Empowered to record details, manage workflow, and view routes with precise navigation and delivery details.



Delivery Recipients

Access to delivery dates and times, as well as visibility along the way.

ARG Dashboard

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