Construction machines

Construction machines fleet tracking and forecasting

MDM Fleet Management System (MDMFM) provided by Trustcode Solutions, provides real-time monitoring of each dump truck or any working machine to optimize vehicle operation and support the efficient mining operation has an extensive track record of installation primarily at open-cast mines. The system provides comprehensive support for mining operations through a wide range of applications ranging from optimizing dump truck maintenance to estimating mining quality and yield based on percentages of material or ore content to be produced.

How can you simplify your daily work with our solution?

  • The most important one: Forecast when, where, how long and who is going to use your machine
  • Speed monitoring
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Monitor and track daily usage of your machines
  • Get a full report about time and fuel consumption
  • Driver behaviour
  • Eliminates paper checklists and data input requirements to reduce administration time.
  • Supports multiple shifts with adjustable start times and operator changes
  • Checklist questions can activate maintenance and critical alerts triggering email notifications to relevant authorised people

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